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Filter systems for thermoplastics

Filter replacement without stopping the process

Polymer melt filter is used to clean the polymer melt from foreign mechanical inclusions of various factions, before feeding it to the forming die.

Using the filter molten polymers is a fundamental part of the process, in particular, this applies to materials that are recycled “post-consumer” and may contain higher concentrations of particulates, which are then be filtered from the molten flux. Material density and strainers varies depending on the requirements for the degree and quality of treatment.

In the field of polymer processing, there are different types of circuits and devices to change the filter elements.

This device UFSP polymer melt filtration (filtration devices Sergei Parafenko) – is one of the innovative solutions that can replace the filter elements, while not stopping, and not even breaking process, which is essential for the process industry.

UFSP incorporates the two filter elements cassettes that are installed directly in the flow of the material being filtered.

We offer UFSP polymer melt filter, which allows you to clean the raw material without stopping the process, to:

granulation lines;
lines for the production of the film;
lines for the production of polypropylene binding band
pipe lines;
injection molding;
as well as other lines of plastic processing.

Polymer melt filter UFSP constructive fundamentally different from those for the purpose of filters available on the market (cork, gate, with rotating grids, etc.). The main advantages of our filter:

filter prevents leakage of the polymer melt;
has small dimensions;
very easy to maintain – all operating modes are controlled with a single tap (this is an important moment in the training staff);
when using the filter to strand pelletizer, while changing nets, strands not broken off;
filters as the polymer melt through one or through both elements at the same time – that doubles the filtration area and the time to replace the nets, while there is an opportunity to replace the old filter without stopping the process, for 2-5 minutes;
unit contains two filter elements. The filter mesh size 280h160 mm (enlarged and 280h220 280h250 mm) wound on a perforated filtration cartridge and filter area has 2h45000 mm2 (62,000 and 70,000 mm2) Example: If you have now installed Sliding or other type of filter with filter element diameter. 100 mm (7850 mm2 filter area that 9 times smaller than that of our filter) and time to replace the grid is 30 min., The installation of our equipment will replace the grid after 4.5 hours, and when filtering through both grids simultaneously – 9 hours. After that, change the grid without interrupting the process.
UFSP polymer melt filter has a high degree of reliability, because the design does not have any hydraulics and electrical servo (except heating element).

UFSP working principle is the intellectual property (registered State. Patent). At the moment, these devices are functioning successfully in the production lines for the plastics in many areas since mid-2007, and during that time have proven to be easy to maintain and reliable devices.

Now we also manufacture and fixed filters. They have a large filtration area, allowing you not to change the filter screen to several shifts. In the “Products” section has all the information.

We produce filters UFSP the individual mounting dimensions.

Our filter molten polymers – a proven time reliability.

The manufacturer is the warranty and perform maintenance.